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Tamagotchi Uni ver. 1.1.0 is now available!

New features and bugs have been updated in the latest Tamagotchi Uni update.

Find out how to update here:

List of updates include:

  • You can now participate in events at the TAMA ARENA!
  • Sound volume now has 4 levels.
  • Balance adjustments made for FAST FOOD at ARCADE.
  • AUTO UPDATE can now update even when your Tamagotchi character is asleep and you have a certain amount of battery left.
  • Based on your feedback, they have made adjustments to displays and effects, for a smoother gameplay experience!
  • AUTO UPDATE: Fixed a bug which the AUTO UPDATE did not automatically update once a day.
  • Character growth paths: Fixed an issue where, when certain conditions were met, the character would not grow into its intended character.
  • Minigames at ARCADE: Fixed a bug where the displayed GOTCHI POINTS were different from the amount received.
  • TAMA FASHION and PAST TAMAS: Fixed a bug where, when certain conditions were met, the screen would return to the MAIN ROOM. Also, fixed other minor bugs.

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