Tamagotchi News and Art

New Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom Game!

Apple Arcade rings in new year with release of Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom! From the most beloved virtual friends franchise of all time comes a new and wonderful journey for all the adventurers out there. Welcome to Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom! Join our adorable hero Mametchi as he travels far and wide across the world to solve […]

New Tamagotchi Converse Shoes!

A special collaboration between “Converse • ALLSTAR” and “Tamagotchi” has been formed! Available in a wide variety of sizes that the whole family can enjoy together. For more information, check out the official Converse website.

New Tamagotchi Plushes at Round1!

Check your local Round1 game centers in America, because keychain-sized Tamagotchi plushes have arrived. The characters available are the same as previous Round1 releases: Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Violetchi, and Mimitchi. Hurry before they’re all sold out!

New Tamagotchi Sticker Codes (for Japan)

New Tamagotchi stickers for accessories are coming, but it seems like they’ll only be available in Japan. This is to coincide with the new blue color for the Tamagotchi Uni being released.

BAPE x Tamagotchi Collaboration

You can now pre-order the newest Tamagotchi collaboration – A Bathing Ape! This exclusive Tamagotchi is available on the Bandai website, and the pre-order period for this item may end suddenly if the maximum order limit is reached. In this case, pre-order cancellations will no longer be available for this item from that time onward […]

The TAMA ARENA event for September is BUNNY JUMP!

BUNNY JUMP will be held at the TAMA ARENA in the TAMAVERSE!Compete with other Uni Tama characters around the world at BUNNY JUMP♪ Event Period: September 12 (Tuesday) 14:00 JST to September 19 (Tuesday) 13:59 JST Result Calculation Period: September 19 (Tuesday) 14:00 JST to September 21 (Thursday) 13:59 JST Reward Distribution Period: September 21 (Thursday) 14:00 JST […]

Cone Hat Available for Tamagotchi Uni!

Bandai has released a downloadable item only available from August 2-August 31, 2023. Owners of the Tamagotchi Uni can obtain this free item by going to the Network Icon > Info > Gift > Cone Hat.

TAMA Arena News – TAMA Racing in August!

It was announced on the official Tamagotchi site that TAMA RACING will be held at the TAMA ARENA in the TAMAVERSE! Race other Uni Tama characters around the world at the TAMA RACING! Event Period: July 31 (Monday) 14:00(JST) to August 7 (Monday) 13:59(JST) Result Calculation Period: Early August Reward Distribution Period: August 9, 14:00 to […]