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New Pekora Tamagotchi Nano

There’s a new Tamagotchi Nano in town, and it’s based off of the popular VTuber Usada Pekora. Preorders for the Pekoratchi are on P-Bandai Japan, and they ship in December. Each purchase comes with a matching plush, too!


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New Tamagotchi Converse Shoes!

A special collaboration between “Converse • ALLSTAR” and “Tamagotchi” has been formed! Available in a wide variety of sizes that the whole family can enjoy

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New Tamagotchi Plushes at Round1!

Check your local Round1 game centers in America, because keychain-sized Tamagotchi plushes have arrived. The characters available are the same as previous Round1 releases: Mametchi,

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