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Ichiban Kuji Tamagotchi ‘Celebration! Collaboration’ Announced

Ichiban Kuji (一番くじ) is Japanese for Number One Lottery. In Japan, Ichiban Kuji is operated by Banpresto and allows buyers to pick a random note from a box to determine what prize they will receive. Each note is marked with a letter from A to G with A being the rarest and most sought after prize.

This November, Tamagotchi returns to Ichiban Kuji with a Celebration! collaboration. The following is the list of prizes to expect:

  • Grade list:
    Prize A Ichiban Kuji Limited Original Tamagotchi
    Prize B Prize Blanket in Cushion
    C Prize Tamagotchi Pouch
    D Prize Card Holder
    Prize E Hand Towel Prize
    F Rubber Charm Prize
    G Stationery Last One
    Prize Jumped out ♪ Mametchi Cushion

More information can be found at the official Ichiban Kuji website.


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