Tamagotchi News and Art

The TAMA ARENA event for September is BUNNY JUMP!

BUNNY JUMP will be held at the TAMA ARENA in the TAMAVERSE!Compete with other Uni Tama characters around the world at BUNNY JUMP♪ Event Period: September 12 (Tuesday) 14:00 JST to September 19 (Tuesday) 13:59 JST Result Calculation Period: September 19 (Tuesday) 14:00 JST to September 21 (Thursday) 13:59 JST Reward Distribution Period: September 21 (Thursday) 14:00 JST […]

Cone Hat Available for Tamagotchi Uni!

Bandai has released a downloadable item only available from August 2-August 31, 2023. Owners of the Tamagotchi Uni can obtain this free item by going to the Network Icon > Info > Gift > Cone Hat.

TAMA Arena News – TAMA Racing in August!

It was announced on the official Tamagotchi site that TAMA RACING will be held at the TAMA ARENA in the TAMAVERSE! Race other Uni Tama characters around the world at the TAMA RACING! Event Period: July 31 (Monday) 14:00(JST) to August 7 (Monday) 13:59(JST) Result Calculation Period: Early August Reward Distribution Period: August 9, 14:00 to […]

Tamagotchi Uni ver. 1.1.0 is now available!

New features and bugs have been updated in the latest Tamagotchi Uni update. Find out how to update here:https://tamagotchi-official.com/us/series/uni/news/01_50/ List of updates include:

Tamagotchi Uni Face Plate Template

In our previous post, we showcased how we made an accurate tracing of the Tamagotchi Uni Face Plate to create an original Mametchi custom Tamagotchi. If you wanted to take the time to create your own custom Tamagotchi Uni, look no further for the perfect template! Please do not remove credits to the author of […]

How to Customize Tamagotchi Uni (Video Tutorial)

Uploaded to our personal account, here’s a tutorial on how we customized our newest Tamagotchi Uni. Feel free to leave questions on the actual TikTok video for more in-depth explanations. From the painting to faceplate design to Illustrator to disassembly – ask away. Let us know if you want the template to cut out an […]

New Pekora Tamagotchi Nano

There’s a new Tamagotchi Nano in town, and it’s based off of the popular VTuber Usada Pekora. Preorders for the Pekoratchi are on P-Bandai Japan, and they ship in December. Each purchase comes with a matching plush, too!